Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Some Mothers Do Ave Em ....

Do you remember the 1970's sitcom Some Mothers Do Ave Em?  Well I grew up with Frank Spencer and his wife Betty on the box.  My mother and father used to love it...I can still remember the roars of laughter out of my father when Frank Spencer, the klutz opened his mouth...and everything he touched fell apart.
Your probably wondering where I am going with this... well let me tell you...

I recently discovered Irish Teen Comedian and Video Blogger Mr Cian Twomey...Over night Cian's videos about Irish Mammies and Grannies have gone viral.  The young Cork man has over 130,000 facebook fans in just a few months.  I for one am delighted for him and Mr Cian Twomey is definitely one to watch in the future.

So in a nut shell Some Mothers Do Ave Em...Another funny man in the making.  
Some of Mr Cian Twomey's hilarious videos include: Irish Mothers react to smoking, Irish Mothers get offended easily, Irish Mothers Before Dinner, Irish Grandmothers are incredibly racist, Irish Grandmothers think we never stop growing and so on.  Cian has them all covered and lots more in between. 

If you haven't come across Mr Cian Twomey yet, you just got to check out his YouTube Channel or follow him on Facebook for all his funny and so true video clips about Irish Mammies and Grannies.  I find myself relating to most of them.

Best of luck Mr Cian Twomey. I look forward to lots and lots more great stuff from you. 

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